The Pros And Cons Of Buying Twitter Followers

The emergence of Twitter as a marketing strategy is undoubtedly gaining popularity with businesses. Twitter is a social media platform that allows the sharing of information and discovering new things within an instant, with the use of a mini blog feature that is character limited. Friends and family commonly use it to keep in touch, but recently business firms have taken to use this online platform to market their products globally. To use effectively this frontier, one has to have followers who will tweet back every time you place a tweet. However, this is normally not the case as many can hardly achieve a huge following. Therefore, the need to buy Twitter followers. Before you venture into buying followers it would be wise to look into some of the pros and cons this poses. Here is a look at some of them.

The pros: why should you buy Twitter followers?

Gain popularity

If your marketing strategy depends highly on the number of followers you have, then buying them is good as with many followers you get to seem prestigious and impressive. The collective opinion of clients and tweeters may improve your profile and get your tweets noticed, and thus making you appear established and credible. This will increase the popularity of your website and your business especially if you are a new firm as you gain a stronger presence in the social media.

Search engine optimization

The decision to buy Twitter followers will boost the search engine rankings of your website. Various search engines like Yahoo and Google take into account the popularity of your website in the social media networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. The large number of followers you have the higher the ranking.

Define the target market

When you purchase Twitter followers, you are able to find those followers that are in search of your business especially those interested in your products. Buying from websites that have people looking for what you offer may bring better results to your business.

Convert searches into results

Buying Twitter followers allows you to market your products to the target market and increase your conversion rates by having the followers tweeting back and clicking on the provided links to your website.This will not only give you the attention you desire but also increase the profits. People often tend to think that a company with many followers has quality products and with this perception, they tend to buy from such companies. Therefore, the many followers you get, the more new and legitimate followers you will attract and consequently convert into sales.

Wide coverage

This concept has the ability to reach numerous people and convert one follower into ten. Similar to advertising through the word of mouth this will spread the word to many tweeters. The tweeting, sharing, and re- tweeting features allow news on your business or certain concepts or products to spread to a large number of people. This promotes your brand as the tweets get to people that would otherwise be beyond your reach. This may also entice new customers for you.

Reasonably priced

Buying new Twitter followers is affordable due to the presence of many companies that are selling. The price may be as low as a few cents per follower but of great concern should be the quality of followers you are willing to purchase. Thanks to the high competition, a new firm may try this concept to see what gains it has at relatively low costs.

The cons: why should you not buy Twitter followers?

Wrong followers

Just because you can easily amass many followers does not imply that they are real. You may end up investing in quantity rather than quality. Many such followers will not tweet back as they surely don’t exist or do not use Twitter. In addition, it is hard to create any sort of engagement with such followers especially if you purchased them from websites that are full of fraud. The probability of having a huge mix of real and fake followers is quite high.

Defeats Twitter’s purpose

Twitter is meant to enhance social media interaction and buying followers might not meet this goal.Every social media network aims at creating conversations and connecting people. If you buy followers, you may end up with less or no interaction at all and hence resolve into un-following many thus defeating the whole aspect of social media. This therefore, beats the logic of investing into the purchase of Twitter followers.

Low returns on investments

You will be lucky to get returns, as this venture may not give you the exact engagement and visibility you require. Buying a huge number of Twitter followers that will never tweet back or even click at the links provided is a waste of time and effort. This effort should rather be directed towards getting and engaging a few interested followers who have found you and convert them into clients.

Divulgence of personal information

In the process of purchasing Twitter followers, the companies that do the selling require your personal data and especially your passwords in order to gain access to your account and encourage tweeters to follow you. The downside of this being that not all companies are legitimate and they may end up using your information for illegal purposes and thus jeopardizing your reputation. Fraud and any other malicious use of your personal information will immensely damage your online reputation.

Restrictions on Twitter

Ethical Twitter restrictions require you to create a spammer free community and therefore, buying Twitter followers negates this requirement. This is not allowed and may lead to penalties. Therefore, if your aim is to be popular and make great sales, ensure you do it the right way and not gain the wrong popularity by doing things that are wrong. Still, this will make even your genuine followers lose faith in your products, as they will deem you unethical, outright dishonest, and unable to gain followers the right way.

Having studied the pros and cons of buying Twitter followers, one would say that this marketing concept makes a lot of business sense to those who depend on the wide visibility of their products to make profits. However, the naysayers tend to think it is a waste of time and money and may end up ruining your online reputation. Whether this promotes or demotes social media interaction is also in question. But with proper precautions and care taken when searching for the right companies to buy the right followers, social media interaction can be achieved and hence improve the conversation and increase conversion rates. Without further ado,to buy Twitter followers who engage actively and who have a genuine interest in your products is worth a try, but be cautious not to negate your real followers.