The Easiest Ways to Convert YouTube to Mp3 for FREE

Have you ever wanted to download your favorite song from YouTube and listen to it on the go? Fortunately, many websites allow users to convert their favorite YouTube videos into MP3 files. Ytmp3 is one of these services that make this process easy and free. Here are five ways you can use Ytmp3 to convert your favorite songs in no time:

1. Copy & Paste URL

One of the simplest ways to convert a YouTube video into an MP3 file is by copying and pasting the URL of the video into Ytmp3’s search bar. All you need to do is find the URL of the desired video, copy it, then paste it into Ytmp3’s search bar. Once you have done this, click “Convert Video,” and your MP3 will convert right away!

2. Drag & Drop Functionality

Another easy way to use Ytmp3 is by taking advantage of its drag-and-drop functionality. Just open up your web browser and navigate directly to the desired video page on YouTube or any other streaming website. Then drag and drop the link onto Ytmp3’s homepage, and it will begin downloading immediately! This makes getting music from YouTube incredibly fast and convenient!

3. Search Bar Option

Ytmp3 also provides users with a search bar option so they can quickly look up their favorite songs without having to type out their URLs every time. All you need to do is enter some keywords related to what you’re looking for, such as artist name or song title, hit “Search”, wait for the results page, select a song from your list of choices, then press “Convert Video” – simple as that!

4. Download Entire Playlists

If you want more than just one song converted into an MP3 file at once, Ytmp3 also allows users to download entire playlists worth of music simultaneously! Just enter the playlist URL (or copy/paste it) onto Ytmp3’s homepage like before but instead, check the box next to “Download Entire Playlist” before clicking “Convert Video” – now sit back while all those tunes get downloaded all at once!

5. Save Converted Files To Your Device

Once your MP3 files have successfully been created through Ytmp3, you can easily save them directly onto your device so they can be enjoyed later on whenever and wherever you, please! You can even create custom folders within which all your converted files will show up when accessed through iTunes or any other media player software – making organization within music libraries a breeze!

So if you’ve ever wanted an easy way to take advantage of all that great music available on streaming platforms like YouTube without having restrictions regarding where or how often they are played – try using Ymp33 today; it won’t cost you anything but time spent finding those awesome tunes!